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University of Sydney

Mark Dadds - Chief Investigator


Professor Mark Dadds is the Director of the Child Behaviour Research Clinic, Principal Research Fellow of the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, and Professor of Psychology at the University of Sydney, Australia. He has developed and directed several national intervention programs for children, youth, and their families, at risk for mental health problems. He has been National President of the Australian Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy, Director of Research for the Abused Child Trust of Queensland, Professor of Parenting Research at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London and a recipient of several awards including an Early Career Award from the Division of Scientific Affairs of the Australian Psychological Society, the Ian Matthew Campbell Award for excellence in Clinical Psychology, and a Violence Prevention Award for the Federal Government via the Institute of Criminology. 

David Hawes - Chief Investigator


Dr. David Hawes is an Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology in the School of Psychology, University of Sydney. He is a child psychologist with many years’ experience in the treatment of behavioural problems, and is co-author of the widely disseminated 'Integrated Family Intervention for Child Conduct Problems' program. He is involved extensively in the training of Clinical Psychologists in postgraduate and community health settings through his role coordinating the training in treatments for childhood problems within the doctorate-level program at the University of Sydney, and an honorary appointment with the Sydney South West Area Health Service. Dr Hawes is regularly invited by national and international peak professional bodies (e.g., Australian Psychological Society, British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies) to advise members on recent advances in the conceptualisation and treatment of child behaviour problems. He maintains a large program of research into the development and treatment of child behaviour problems, and is a consulting editor of the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. David is also currently a consultant to the Child Behaviour Research Clinic at the University of Sydney.

John Brennan - Chief Investigator


During the past decade Associate Professor Brennan has combined his clinical duties with research interest in child and adolescent mental health. He has been Co-principal Investigator on a number of research grants resulting in numerous publications and PhD candidate research which have sparked further interest in the field. Associate Professor Brennan is a fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. Previously, he was Director of the Adolescent Mental Health Service at Prince of Wales Hospital, Clinical Lecturer at UNSW (1989-1994), Deputy Medical Superintendent at Redbank House Acute Adolescent Unit, Westmead Hospital (1995-2006), and Director of the Department of Psychological Medicine at Royal Alexandria Hospital for Children, Sydney (1984-1989). He has been a consultant in child and adolescent psychiatry in the public health sector for twenty-five years, with extensive clinical and administrative experience managing and developing clinical services for children and adolescents. Up until 2007, A. Prof. Brennan was Director for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Westmead Children’s Hospital, Western Sydney, affiliated with the Sydney University Medical School. At present, he is a clinical adjunct Professor in Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of New South Wales. 

Caroline Moul - Chief Investigator


Dr Caroline Moul is a Lecturer in developmental psychology at the University of Sydney. Dr Moul completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge in 2005 and then worked in criminology and psychiatry research in the UK for four years before undertaking a PhD in Psychology at the University of New South Wales. Her main areas of research are the cognitive and biological underpinnings of antisocial behaviour and of complex personality traits that are associated with poor treatment outcome. Dr Moul is also engaged in research to improve psychological interventions for children with antisocial behaviour problems and to increase the accessibility of these treatments to underserviced communities.

Joshua Broderick - Project Manager


Dr Joshua Broderick is the former project manager of the Access Early Intervention E-health Project. Josh has been trained in the delivery of parent management training at the Child Behaviour Research Clinic. His research background and interests include human learning and clinical psychology. He has approximately 10 years experience working with children and families.

Jessica Kirkman - Research and Development Officer

Jessica completed her PhD candidature at the University of New South Wales, with her research examining the barriers to treatment faced by families in rural areas. Jessica is also the Research and Development Officer for the Access Early Intervention E-Health Project, as part of the Child Behaviour Research Clinic. Through a randomised controlled trial, Jessica explored the clinician's experience of delivering treatment via the Internet, in addition to exploring the effectiveness of the innovative online model of service delivery. Jessica has a long history working with children and families, with her award winning Honours research in cyber bullying building her practical understanding of the issues facing children and families.

 Antonio Mendoza Diaz -  Research Officer and Data Scientist


 Antonio Mendoza Diaz (Tony) is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney, where he researches how early attachment interactions influence later development, with a particular interest in children with callous and unemotional traits. Tony is also a Research Officer and Data Scientist for the Access Early Intervention E-Health Project, where he works in both day-to-day data collection as well as database management and analyses.

Sonia Sultan - Senior Clinical Psychologist

Dr Sonia Sultan is the team leader for the Access Early Intervention trial that is being run at the Child Behaviour Research Clinic. She has over 10 years experience working in clinical child psychology and has worked at the clinic for the last 6 years. She has high levels skills in the assessment and diagnosis of conduct disorders and in delivering parent management training. Dr Sultan supervises the Clinical Masters students working on the e-health trial at the clinic.

Christina Thai - Acting Project Manager and Clinical Psychologist


Christina Thai is a clinical psychologist and acting project manager working on the Access Early Intervention E-Health Project. She has experience in the assessment and treatment of children with behavioural, emotional, developmental, and learning difficulties. Christina has been trained in the delivery of parent management training at the Child Behaviour Research Clinic. She is particularly interested in the development of empathy and emotion regulation in children with conduct problems and autism spectrum disorders.


Royal Far West 

Lindsey Cane - Chief Executive Officer


Lindsay Cane is an experienced Company Director and CEO. She brings with her a wealth of experience in leading, managing and inspiring organisational development and growth in the non-profit sector. She has a solid background in physiotherapy and healthcare management with previous directorship roles that include The Australian Physiotherapy Association, The Asthma Foundation (NSW) and Netball Australia.

Richard Colbran - Business Director

Richard has held senior executive roles in the not-for-profit sector for the past 10-years. The Business Directorate coordinates RFW’s health and wellbeing services, research and evaluation, fundraising, community engagement and marketing areas. In his previous role at the Australian Drug Foundation he oversaw the Foundation’s commercial, research, innovation, information program areas including the establishment of the Good Sports program in NSW.

Robyn Ramsden - Research and Evaluation Manager


Robyn is the Research and Evaluation Manager for Royal Far West. She has had extensive experience in the area of student health and wellbeing with the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, where she led a team responsible for the development of health policy, programs and resources for students. During that time she was also actively involved in significant research projects particularly in the areas of drug education and mental health promotion. She is a key research partner in the Australian Research Council funded Drug Education in Victorian Schools Research Project which received the 2012 National Drug and Alcohol Award for Excellence in Community Education and Prevention. 

Suzanne Davies - Clinical Psychologist


Suzanne is a Clinical Psychologist at Royal Far West. She has been working as a Clinical Psychologist for nine years and has been at Royal Far West for five years. She is particularly interested in exploring the role of technology in the provision of therapy services to children and families in rural and remote communities. Suzanne is very excited to be part of the Access Early Intervention Project.

Vanessa Andrijic - Clinical Psychologist


Vanessa is a Clinical Psychologist. She has been working at Royal Far West for four years. She has experience and training in the assessment and treatment of children presenting with developmental, learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties. She has a strong interest in child development and very much enjoys working together with families to help them reach their goals. Vanessa is looking forward to the project and is excited about exploring the use of technology in the delivery of therapy.

Jessica Staniland - Clinical Psychologist

Jessica is a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in working with children and families. She has worked closely with families from various backgrounds, and with children with a range of difficulties including autism spectrum disorders (ASD’s), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), anxiety and depression. Jessica has facilitated a number of parenting programs, and is especially excited to be involved in the current program as she is aware of the unique set of difficulties families living in rural and remote regions experience, as they struggle to try and access appropriate mental health services.

Laura Le Van - Clinical Psychology Registrar


Laura is a psychologist who has been working for 9 years with children and adolescents with intellectual, developmental, emotional and behaviour difficulties. Laura has worked with families, teachers and the broader support network of a child to improve behaviour and therapeutic outcomes in a range of different settings (e.g. at home, at school and in the community). Laura is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers and her area of interest is understanding what factors assist families to retain and implement helpful strategies over the longer term.

Faye Sullivan - Clinical Psychologist


Emma Newsom-Smith - Clinical Psychologist



Lucy Morrison - Clinical Psychology Registrar


Lucy is a Clinical Psychology Registrar at the Royal Far West. Lucy hold previous experience working within private practice in child and adolescent psychology, including facilitating parenting programs and providing specialist services for individuals on the autism spectrum. Lucy has previously practiced within regional locations where many families have struggled to access the help they need. As such, Lucy is keen to explore the potential role of technology in expanding services through contributing to the Access Early intervention Project.